Hybrid Burning Mechanism

Buyback Burning Mechanism

  • 4% 2% deposit fee will be charged at staking.

  • 75% (1.5%) of the deposit fee (2%) will be allocated to buyback SATs and burnt.

  • 25% (0.5%) of the deposit fee (2%) will be allocated as a dev & emergency fund.

  • Buyback burning will happen upon internal strategy.

Transfer Tax Burning Mechanism

  • Every transaction (send, swap, farming, etc.) of SAT will be charged a 2% transfer tax.

  • 2% transfer tax will be burned directly in every transaction.

  • Use 2.5%+ slippage to buy SAT on PancakeSwap or other AMM. Less than 2% slippage will cause the transaction to fail. * It's recommended to set 5%+ for smoother swap

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